Ceramic Pcb Div

Electronic Ceramic Circuit Board Division

Tensky ceramic PCB is made up of innovative, research and development engineers the configuration, the target is the first leader professional Ceramic base plate, ceramic circuit board brought to workshop, using a semiconductor membrane technology for a customer with OEM/ODM service, Resolution, Customer in electronic circuit in various thermal heating, high pressure, and the problem.

Product Description:


Main materialsAl2O3 and AlN substrate.

Image layers metalTi, TiW, Cu , Ni, Pd , Au , Ag, AuSn, Sn, Al…and other metallize

Primary markethigh-power LED stand, cooling, optical communication components, optical power solar energy base plate, vehicle with electrical, air, and the electronic circuit board roadbed, and so on.

The special is high power LED market context, such as 1515, 2016, 3535, 5050, 6060, 1215 substrate, and  LED - COB integrated stand, practices, as well as UVLED stand, etc. product is the Secretary's main work specifications, provide customer professional views, reduced customer test and failure risk. 

Micro-resistive element has 0402,0603,0805,1206,2512 and other specifications 0 ohms to 3 ohms 

applications, the main market for the 3C industry battery module market.

Substrate Materials

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Wafer Drawing:

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