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Tensky is known as the premium manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality ceramic circuit boards and ceramic PCB substrates. We make all the different kinds of ceramic circuit board PCBs available at the most affordable prices. We are known as the best ceramic PCB manufacturers as we never compromise on the quality of the ceramic metallization and ceramic structure. As the leading ceramic PCB suppliers, we ensure that our customers' needs and requirements are satisfied. We guarantee that our customers are happy and all of their needs are adequately satisfied. There are several additional perks that you would enjoy while making a purchase such as

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1. What is a ceramic PCB?

A ceramic PCB is a kind of high-conducting printed circuit board. It is composed of a heat-conducting organic binder having high thermal conductivity. Ceramic PCB manufacturers use highly conductive ceramic base material. These materials include beryllium oxide, aluminum nitride, alumina, and similar material, which can effectively transfer and dissipate the thermal energy over the whole ceramic circuit board. 

2. What causes a PCB to fail?

The most common cause of PCB failure, as described by the ceramic PCB suppliers, is attributed to PCB's component design failure. The incorrect placement of the components on the PCB ceramic circuit board results in a power failure. It is basically due to the overheating due to lack of space on the PCB board. These problems mainly occur at the design and manufacturing stage of the ceramic structure. 

3. What are the basic types of ceramics PCB?

Ceramic circuit board PCB is classified into three primary types. They are differentiated on the basis of manufacturing methods that they follow.

• High-temperature ceramic circuit board PCB – it is designed for the high temperatures. It is regarded as a high temperature co-fired ceramic circuit. It is made us of raw solvents, plasticizers, adhesives, lubricants, and several aluminum oxides.

• Thick film ceramic PCB board – the thickness of this PCB ceramic board might exceed 10 microns diameter but not more than 13 microns. It is generally manufactured by printing silver and gold on the ceramic PCB surface. It is used mostly because it can protect the copper from oxidizing.

• Low-temperature ceramic circuit board PCB – unlike high-temperature PCB, the low temperature co-fired ceramic circuit is made by using crystal glass with an adhesive substance on a metal sheet having gold paste on it. It is beneficial for use in devices like LEDs, which produce low heat.

4. Is it safe to touch circuit boards?

Some people think that touching PCB ceramic circuit boards can be poisonous; however, this is not true. Of course, it is not safe to contact the ceramic metallization, but it is not as damaging. You might have this question because you have seen the people who work in assembly and designing, wearing thin gloves. Those gloves are meant to keep their skin safe and protect them from the obtuse chemicals used in the PCB assembly. Even when we talked about when the PCB board included 37% lead, it was absolutely safe to touch a PCB board. 

5. Can a ceramic circuit board be recycled?

Ceramic circuit board PCB can be recycled in three simple steps. The first step is regarding the removal of paints from the ceramic board. Then comes the crushing of the ceramic board and finally, comes the sorting of a ceramic PCB board.