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5g Mobile & Wireless Communication

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Ceramic parts for 5G-mobile-and-wireless-communications 

Ceramic Chip Antenna, Ceramic filters, and resonators ceramic materials are likely to play a role in many 5G systems in fiffer frequency bands.

Ceramic materials have the advantage of reduced dielectric losses, temperature stable dielectric constants, and improved thermal conductivity for thermal management. Depending on thermal requirements of the architecture and design of the base station, polymer-based or ceramic-based technology will likely be favored. Low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) type materials will likely play a large role in some integrated systems containing MIMO antennas. Other advantages of ceramics over polymeric materials include the ability to provide a wider range of dielectric constants, better mechanical stability in thin sections, and the relative ease of metallization. Filtering technology for 5G systems is very likely to involve ceramic materials as well.

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As a professional manufacturer of ceramics, we have developed a useful CNC engraving machines and machine tool for 5G filter Can improve the processing accuracy of the filters. In addition we are mainly aimed at the application of the power module as a part of the ceramic circuit board in thin film processes , most applications are LTCC ceramic multilayer circuits. The others are mainly structural insulation applications.